When it comes to physical, mental, and spiritual health, the adventure has an impact on all areas of our well-being.

It’s no secret that more people than ever before are struggling with depression. Loneliness and anxiety are at an all-time high. The seclusion of this pandemic rocked us worldwide. 

There is hope on the horizon. As restrictions lift, not only are many of us ready to adventure again, but we need it. When it comes to exploring there is no shortage of benefits that come along with it. You will change. The adventure will enrich your life in more ways than one. Are you looking to expand your state of mind? Do you want to move your body? Are you aching to reconnect with your spirit? Here are 5 ways adventuring can help make it happen: 

● Adventure expands you. Each time you experience something new, it has the potential to change you in a big way, but most of the time it’s subtle. There is no telling what sort of experience you will have while exposed to nature’s many miracles. Our mind opens up while road tripping or camping under the stars. The only thing that is sure, is that once you go out, you never return exactly the same. You expand with new knowledge, memories, and experiences. 

● You get to meet like-minded people. On the road, you meet other travellers with stories and experiences to share. You meet wonderful people from all walks of life. Next to a campfire with new friends, the conversation is more personal. You get to peek into someone’s life for a brief moment that otherwise, you would have never met. 

● Experience Intense Gratitude. This is one of the best natural highs ever. Explore enough, and you will encounter landscapes and skylines that blow your mind. They are so beautiful, you will up with intense emotion known as awe. Studies have shown this feeling of awe increases your well-being. If you haven’t experienced this yet, wait. The best is still to come. 

● Let Go. Surrounded by the open road and nature, the body and mind can let go of stress and anxiety. With no worry about your job, the stress of everyday life melts away. Replaced by a sense of wonder, gratitude, and excitement. It’s a completely different contrast to the monotony of the everyday grind.

● Adventure is good for your health. Did you know that Park Prescriptions are a thing? Doctors are handing out prescriptions to spend time outdoors. Park prescriptions treat several ailments from, physical to mental health. Being outside makes exercise easier. Hikes, walking, and kayaking are all great ways to get an enjoyable workout in, while also calming the mind. 

Whether a road trip or camping is in your near future or not, with these reasons above, it never hurts to plan. Put together a bucket list. The act of planning sets the ball in motion and can boost your mood. Remember, you have this one life to experience all you can. Make it happen! 

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