Climbing excursion in France

Climbing is more than a sport or just relaxation.  « It’s incredible physical exercise.  But what I like best about climbing is its spiritual dimension »

This Thursday: adventure course and long excursion

🔅Arête des Moussaillons 

🔅Arête du jardin

🔅Arête SW de La Croix 

Three beautiful edges at a reasonable level where you will have to know how to put your protections. The large flat area between Les Moussaillons and the Arête du Jardin cuts off the race a little. We don’t be discouraged by the first length of Les Moussaillons who is engaged from the start.

We started the ascent at 10 a.m. and arrived at La Croix de Provence at 9 p.m.

9 hours to climb for an excursion 400 m long adventure course, a beautiful excursion that will remain engraved in my memory 🥰 with my friends

My biggest difficulty was the night ascent because I had never done it before, but once you get to La Croix the adventure ends, you have to hike down 946 m to go to parking.

Sainte Victoire mountain

Some would say that it isn’t a mountain, and yet it rises to 1011m. The Croix de Provence is a monument located at the top of the western tip of the Sainte-Victoire mountain.  It wasn’t erected on the highest point of the massif, at the Pic des Mouches (1,011 meters) but at the top of a remarkable peak, at 946 meters.  It is now visible for miles around.

She’s one of the symbols of Provence and the muse of Cézanne (French artist painter) she gained international notoriety in part thanks to the painter’s sixty works.

 It welcomes many hikers, climbers and nature lovers, and it is a major element of the Aix landscape.

It’s a pleasure to share this experience with you, I hope it will make you want to come and discover this beautiful little mountain in the south of France.

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