Eremo di San Valentino

One of the most beautiful hikes on Lake Garda has a destination the eremo of San Valentino, a secluded place where once a hermit used to live and meditate. Today nobody lives there any more, but the small white building still stands, and it makes the perfect destination for a picnic with friends.

The trails start in Sasso, a fraction of the town of Gargnano (BS), whereafter the few hundred meters of small alleys between houses, you’ll start the real track. The whole hike will take between 40 minutes and an hour, according to your athletic preparation and the state of the path. It’s important to notice that, while it’s generally considered suitable for anyone, there is a short via ferrata, so mind that!

the via ferrata

As with most of the Garda’s hikes, you’ll be able to enjoy some beautiful glimpses of the lake on your way up, so don’t forget to bring your camera! One of the most scenic point is just a few minutes away from the hermitage, where a small door used to keep visitors away from the top. Today the door still stands, and it signals the hikers their proximity to their destination.

the view through the door

The eremo itself is one with the side of the mountain behind it. There are a couple of wood tables where you can stop and eat, but also a lot of space around to just seat on the ground and enjoy the view, as well as taking a relaxing nap under the shade of the cypresses.

It’s worth to point out that the trail is crossed by a couple of small streams – they are fairly easy to cross, but sometimes (specifically at the beginning of spring or after some rain) they get bigger and take up the whole track. They don’t represent a problem generally, but be careful with your steps nonetheless.

When you come back from the hike, don’t forget to stop in any of the small towns on the lakeside for a stroll on the shore and gelato, but keep in mind that this area gets very crowded during the tourist season, so you could get stuck in traffic on the way back.

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