She Shreds, the first anniversary

One year ago, we were at home, living the first global pandemic of our lives. But all these hours staying safe, staying at home, they gave birth to this project, She Shreds. The community of women who were born and raised to live beyond.

Now it’s time to celebrate life, it has been a very hard year for all of us, but we can start to see the light at the end of the tunnel, and it’s time to be thankful for this.

During this year, running this project, I had been the pleasure to meet a lot of amazing women from all around the world, to know a lot of different stories, and receive the support from hundreds of people that had made this project possible.

Today, we release She Shreds, the film. A film made by you, a lot of inspiring women from places that I wish to be able to visit one day. Wakeboard with Charlie and Sky someday in Sydney, snowboard with Kelsey in California, see how Runa, Loen, Ciara improves day by day with their bikes. Take some surf lessons with Carla in Tarifa. The present and the future are truly amazing, and I think, and I’m sure that you will be as excited as me when you see the film.

15th May at 18h online on She Shreds TV

So, I can’t tell anything else but thank you, to all of you, the ones that you have participated in the film, the ones that support our community day by day. Women of the team that support this project since the beginning, the bloggers that make those things happen.

I really hope that you love that film as much as I do, happy birthday, She Shreds, for hundreds of years together! 🥳🧡


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