She Shreds, the first anniversary

One year ago, we were at home, living the first global pandemic of our lives. But all these hours staying safe, staying at home, they gave birth to this project, She Shreds. The community of women who were born and raised to live beyond. Now it’s time to celebrate life, Continue Reading

Women are the NOW of medicine!

Traditionally, medicine has been a male-dominated field. It is well known that before recent history most men were physicians. There are specialities that were stereotypically thought the be male specialities such as Surgery, anesthesiology, and Emergency Medicine. Others were more female-friendly specialities, Pediatrics, Family Medicine, and OB/GYN. As a female Continue Reading

We launch “L’invincible” Sweatshirt

I truly believe that women’s day is every day and I think that this new design will represent this ideal. Why “L’invincible”? The name comes from the inspiration in the Ancient Egypt goddess Sekhmet, for those ones who don’t know who was she, here’s a quick history lesson. Sekhmet (Sakhmet) Continue Reading