The best cable parks to practice wakeboard in Spain

Spring is coming and with it, cable parks to practice wakeboarding flourish, a sport that is booming and more people practice every day, suitable for all kind of public.

But first, what is wakeboarding?

Wakeboarding is a water sport in which you slide over the water on top of a board while a rope, called palonier, drags you through a boat, jet ski or in a system of towers and pulleys. So that we understand each other, it is a combination of water skiing and snowboarding, that is, water skiing with a board.

And how is it possible to slide over the water?

The wakeboard technique is based, as in almost all board sports, on balance, through the correct distribution of the skier’s weight.

When you try to get up and out of the water, most of the weight should be on the front foot, a little more than half. Once you stand up, you have to spread the weight right away, so as not to sink the front end of the board and kiss the ground (literal).

The principles of this technique are, legs bent, arms outstretched (if you come out of the water) and hold the handle tightly, at the height of the hips.

Depending on the position of the legs, as in all table sports, a distinction is made between the “goofy” style, right leg in front, or “regular”, left leg in front.

What kinds of parks I’ll find?

There are two types of systems, 2.0 and full-size. The 2.0 system is made up of two towers, so the route is a round trip, the best option for beginners. The height of this system is much higher than the point of towing from a boat, which will allow you to get up more easily when leaving the water. This system only allows one person at a time, at most two, but these must be experienced so as not to collide in the turns at both ends of the journey.

Mallorca Wakepark, Cable 2.0

And the system for the most experienced or the most suicidal (if you have no previous experience), the full-size. A circuit in a circle, clockwise or counterclockwise, depending on the park. This has 5 or more towers and allows several riders to ski at the same time unlike the 2.0 system and also allows you to do doubles, something that allows you to go with your friends, teachers, etc. and that is a lot of fun!

And now the important thing, where can I practice wakeboarding in Spain?

Benidorm Cableski

The first installation that existed in Spain, with 54 years of experience, located at Levante beach in Benidorm.

It was in 1966 when Humberto Armas decided to take a risk with an unknown sports project that he had patented in Germany, Bruno Rixen: a circuit of 1,000 square meters in perimeter, with 4 towers linked together by a cable that allows water skiing without a boat propulsion.

After touring the entire Spanish coast, Humberto chose Benidorm thanks to the crystal clear waters and the microclimate of this bay; when the Avenida del Mediterráneo was still an immense area of ​​olive trees. In this way, the world’s first Cable Ski was born, which has been followed by new Cables, with more than 250 in the world today.

His successors, Daniel Armas and Emma Segovia, have known how to maintain and renew the sports proposal to adapt to the new challenges of the sector, also advising on the business development of other Cable Skis in Spain, being consultants for Rixen Cableways.

Life in Benidorm

Olimpic Cable Park, Castelldefels

Este cable es de 5 poleas y cuenta con 680m de longitud. Pueden practicar 9 personas al mismo tiempo. En este park encontrarás el Melting Spot, donde puedes desayunar, comer, tomar algo si te apetece, es un buen sitio donde pasar el día con los tuyos y estar a gusto, incluso para los acompañantes que todavía no se animan a lanzarse al agua.

She Shreds TV

Lunar Cable Park, Almería

The Lunar Project is a state-of-the-art adventure and water sports complex in Almería, southern Spain. They work hard to make Lunar feel like home ☺. With an average temperature of 21ºC and around only 2 weeks of rain a year, its doors are open all year round.

The park is currently equipped with a configuration of more than 12 obstacles of different shapes and sizes, and 4 custom Moon obstacles, home-made by our brilliant couple of craftsmen, who continue to design and create new proposals for the future. Our park is regularly reorganized and configured to ensure new challenges, even for our most frequent visitors.

Lunar Cable Park

Cableski Marbella, Andalucía

Inaugurated in 1993 and located in the Medranas natural park, it is the southernmost facility in Europe and therefore they are open practically all the & nbsp; anus.

It has 820 meters of travel, 9 people can ski simultaneously. The cable-ski system allows the practice and learning of water skiing in a much faster, simpler and cheaper way. & Nbsp;

Due to its 5 pulleys, it is a cable of little difficulty as opposed to the cables with 2 pulleys. On the other hand, and after the reforms and innovations that have been carried out in 2013, it is considered one of the best facilities in Europe, incorporating year after year, better modules and additional services.

Fornelos Wakeclub, Galicia

Nature, wakeboard, inflatable water park, paddle surf, kayak, pedal boats, jacuzzis, hostel, cafeteria with table football, billiards, darts and, best of all, a fantastic atmosphere! Can you ask for more?

Fornelos is located on the banks of the Oitavén River in Fornelos de Montes (Province of Pontevedra), 30 km from Vigo, 26 km from Pontevedra and 17 km from Redondela.

Vídeo grabado por Voando drone

Mallorca Wakepark, Alcúdia

Wakeboarding in Mallorca has never been so easy, fun and safe!

Mallorca Wakepark is the only wakeboard cable system in the Balearic Islands. Established in 2011, Mallorca Wakepark has quickly become a major destination for wakeboarders from all over Europe.

With flat water and free riding with a wetsuit throughout the season. Located in the north of Mallorca and very close to the best beaches, kitesurfing spots, restaurants and places to surf, Mallorca Wakepark is a great option for the whole family.

Mallorca Wakepark
Reliche Session at Mallorca Wakepark

El Rancho Wakepark

Located in Riudoms, Tarragona. El Rancho is the result of the effort and work of Anna Ricomà and David Laguna, a couple who made their passion, their way of life.

A privileged environment in the middle of nature where family and friends can enjoy a great wake day. They have areas for all levels.

El Rancho Wakepark

Now that the good weather is approaching, do not miss the opportunity to try this sport, but be careful, because it is addictive! 😉

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