Val di Sole

Italy’s most famous mountains, the Alps, are visited by 120 million people every year. With the pandemic slowing down the tourists’ flow, locals get to enjoy these natural wonders without having to worry about crowds.

The area of the Val Di Sole, in the region of Trentino Alto Adige, is a true gem to enjoy in every season. The valley, whose name translates into “valley of the sun”, stretches from east to west, is covered by forests with paths accessible to everybody.

If you are looking for a way to enjoy the woods as a local, try to watch out for mushrooms. There are many varieties, which represent a key ingredient in many local dishes. Don’t forget to check with the authorities to get your permit, and try to be as sustainable as possible – leave the little ones, so that they can grow and keep the ecosystem in balance.

Walking quietly among the trees, you might encounter many wild animals, such as deer, marmots, and birds of prey. Moreso, there are many small lakes and streams with clean water for hikers to enjoy, which are definitely a welcome surprise on the way.

Connecting the Val di Sole to Lombardia, there is the Tonale Pass (Passo del Tonale in Italian). Despite being very touristic, both in summer and winter (it’s the access point to many ski slopes and hiking paths), I do believe it’s worth a visit.From there, a series of three cable cars bring people up to the Presena Glacier. You can choose to take any or all of them, according to how much of the way you want to hike. The last one gets up to 2997 meters, and from there you can choose to climb the last few meters up to the top, at 3100 m. The view is absolutely worth the trouble, considering that the whole experience is fairly accessible to everyone.

Here’s the link to the Presena Glacier website, with updates on the opening of the cable cars according to the development of the pandemic: 

Pontedignelo Tonale website.

The Val di Sole is truly a beautiful place to explore and relax in the great scenery of the Italian Alps. It’s well-connected to the Valcamonica (south), which is famous for the amazing cave paintings and prehistoric finds, other than the breathtaking landscape and hiking trails. Don’t forget to get a chance of getting to know the people there, and get a taste of the local cuisine. You won’t regret it!

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